Kierans Climbing Blog!

Hi my name is Kieran Forrest and I have been climbing before I can remember! My parents are climbers and as a kid I was dragged on climbing holidays and hauled up routes. When I was 8 years old I watched my first climbing competition, the Welsh Climbing Championships 2008, at my local wall. I was truly inspired to get involved. And that’s just what I did! My parents trained and supported me. I started entering the local competitions and in the first year made it onto the Welsh Squad. Soon after I competed in the youth climbing series finals in Ratho that year, inspired me even more and I set my sights on making the British team one day. In 2014 I made the Junior British Lead Climbing Team!  This has opened a whole new world of competing and training for me.


Dad dragging me up the Fontainebleau high balls.

IMGP1910 (1)

Competing in my first Youth Climbing Series final, Ratho.


Jumping forward a few years to my first 8a flash “Fun de Chichunne”