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World Youth Championships

The World Championships is sadly over and it time to go home. I had a great time competing here in Innsbruck, the wall was incredible and the atmosphere was amazing. I didn’t reach my goal of being selected for the Youth Olympics due to having a bad Lead and speed comp but I have learned from my mistakes.



On the bright side, I’m super psyched to have come 14th in the world in bouldering! My boulder comp could not have gone better, I had such a great time on these amazing boulders, I’ve never climbed on such fun blocks.



Big thanks to Rachel, Georgios in Llanberis, HPL Kids Camp from Bangor, everyone that donated to my just giving page and my Mum and Dad for supporting me and making this amazing event possible!


I love the Mitterdorf climbing wall they alleays have great set routes! I felt happy with my preformance, even though 23 doesn’t sound that great the competition was so tight one more move and I would be ten places higher!

First ever European Boulder!

I was super excited to do my first boulder comp. The comp didn’t go as I hopped, I found that I didn’t climb as well as I have in the past, I found that it must have been mentaly as soon after the comp I climbed the problems and climbed well. I need to stay focused even when the boulder aren’t going to plan.


Had a super short first session at Kilnsey. We had a couple of hours, before driving home. So I got on “Urgent Acation 8a+” and managed it 2nd attempt. I sadly had no time to try anything else, but it was a great introduction to Kilnsey!



My first adult comp was a blast! It was a great experiance climbing with the top athelites in britan, I was amazed at how easy they made the boulders look! After scraping my way into semi-finals in 19th, I had a great proformance in semis with a final result of 10th place! Cant wait to take part in the British Boulder Championships next year.

EYC Switzerland

My first European comp of the year! Great to be back. I had lots of fun, but sadly didn’t place that well (20th). I learnt that I need to relax more when I’m competing and to stay relaxed when I begin to fatigue. I also had a hard time trying to sleep as it went up to 31 degrees at night! Can’t wait to be back to training now for the upcoming comps.

uster 2


Just finished my GCSE’s – such a relief! I was lucky to continue with my training throughout the exams, but it is tough getting the balance. And sadly we decided that going to Imst was not the best idea, as it was in the middle of all my exams.


Feeling psyched to be back to some hard training now and looking forward to first European comp in Uster, Switzerland, later on this month!